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Career Spotlight

Redhat to Retire: Starting a coal mining career with GMS Mine Repair.

Garrett Scales disusses his career as an underground coal miner at GMS starting as a redhat with no experience and working his way to a crew leader.


Project Spotlight

Void Fill

Recently, a customer presented GMS with a high urgency void that needed filled immediately. This void was non-standard and needed experienced problem solving in addition to labor services.

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Product Highlight

GCT Insulated Concrete Panels

A prefabricated lightweight structural panel consisting of an expanded polystyrene (EPS) core sandwiched between two layers of galvanized steel wedled wire mesh.

NXbursT™ Safety Cartridges

The NxbursT™ technology is based on a non-detonating chemical compound enclosed in a cartridge, which reacts very quickly when ignited to produce high volumes of harmless gas, mainly consisting of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and steam.