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ROSA (Remote Oscillating Shotcrete Arm) is a versatile attachment that mounts on most hydraulic equipment to allow GMS miners to remotely apply shotcrete from a safe location using any dry or wet shotcrete pump.

Wet Shotcrete

  • Applied wet from underground or surface

  • Ability to work inby when spraying (minimal dust)

  • Quick application 

  • Minimal material rebound

  • Can be pumped up to 4,500 ft

  • Can be pumped from the surface

  • Applied manually or with Remote Oscillating Shotcrete Arm (ROSA)

Dry Shotcrete

  • Applied with low profile Baby Reed pump

  • Sprayed dry requires less water GPM

  • Quick and easy mobilization

  • Applied manually or with Remote 

  • Oscillating Shotcrete Arm (ROSA)

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