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Thin Spray Liners

Elastic polymer-based thin spray-on liner (TSL) for surface reinforcement and weathering protection of soil, rock and coal strata

  • Water- and air-tight

  • For preventive measures on ventilation and seals

  • Protects from atmosphere deterioration

  • Product expands and flexes with roof or rib changes

  • Unique waterproof membranes 

  • Prevents weathering in newly mined entries

  • Sprayed on white for a brighter reflection

  • Approved for ventilation controls

  • Fireproof and can be used in charging stations 

  • One-component polymer powder, applied with baby reed pump

  • Dry spray application, mixed with water in the spraying nozzle 

  • Sets within 5-10 minutes; generates tensile strength over the next hours, days, months

  • Good bond and high elasticity

  • Application thickness of 2-10 mm, average 4 mm

  • No toxic components and virtually dust free, enhancing mine health and safety


  • Can be applied at one square foot per second

  • Rapid set-up; allows stop and start at any time

  • Only needs compressed air



  • Improves visibility in mine due to white color 

  • Neither methane nor radon can pass through it

  • Improves ventilation by creating smooth surface to the strata

  • Impermeable



  • Easily washed and readily accepts rock dust

  • Will stop the symptoms of weathering and prevent small rocks from falling

  • Will not corrode. Forty-year life expectancy

  • Not affected by Mine Acid Water


Cost Effective

  • No rebound or waste of material

  • Takes less man power and cost to spray five times more than gunite or shotcrete

  • One pallet of TSL can replace 14 pallets of shotcrete or gunite to do same area

  • Requires a small, low cost machine that is permissible to use anywhere in the mine (Baby Reed SOVA, Allentown, Blastcrete Picolla or equivalent)

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