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GMS Advantage Categories


The GMS Badger

The GMS electric- or diesel-powered Badger is a robust, remote-operated, excavation and utility machine, that is nimble and compact enough to access areas too precarious or difficult to reach for a traditional skid steer or dozer. Underground examples include excavation in narrow or low areas, and under conveyors. Above ground, typical uses include highwall bench cleaning and remediation, or culvert and confined space cleaning.


With optional attachments that allow you to drill, hammer, spray, cut or carry, the Badger is also extremely versatile!


A single operator remains at a safe distance with enhanced sight lines, and an exhaust catalyst reduces emissions (diesel), making the Badger as safe as it is efficient!


The GMS Advantage

The GMS Advantage is a proprietary 
product like the Badger, developed by GMS and used exclusively by GMS crews, giving GMS an advantage over competitors!

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