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GMS Employee
Development Program 


Our GMS Employee Development Program ensures that every employee is ready to work having had all necessary PPE and skills training. Once on the job, they are eligible to be hired after completion of the GMS probationary period, further enhancing a successful on-boarding.

Ground Control

  • Back & Rib Bolting

  • Steel Set & Arch Installation

  • Can, Post & Steel props Installation

  • Pumpable Cribs

  • Shotcrete, Wet & Dry

  • Steel Pumpable Cans

  • Glue Injection

  • Cementitious Grouting

  • PUR/PUS Glue Injection

  • High Wall Control



  • Overcasts/Undercasts

  • Stoppings/Curtain Walls

  • Seals

  • Fan Ducting Installation

  • Thin Spray Liners

  • Man Doors & Equipment Doors

  • Refuge Shelters


Belt Terminal Services

  • Drive Installations

  • Take-Up Units

  • Head Frames

  • Chute Work/Replacement

  • Conveyor Structure Installation




Voids & Backfilling


Slope/Drift Excavation


Drilling & Blasting


Shaft Work


Production Mining


GMS Mine Repair & Maintenance is the industry leader for well-trained, fully-equipped, supplemental labor! We also provide elite, highly experienced labor crews to take on the most specialized and demanding mining and tunneling projects.