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ABOUT US / Six Pillars of Service

Mission Statement


To be the premier provider of 
contract mining services, products and technical support with an emphasis on safety and innovation.

Core Values



All stakeholder relationships are built on a foundation of moral and ethical integrity.


GMS gets its strength through the experience, professionalism and character of our employees.



GMS is committed to be the safest, most productive and innovative contractor in the industries we serve.

  1. Contract Labor
    With nearly 40 years of experience in the field, GMS is the largest and most successful underground and surface mining labor provider in the US. Through the use of our proprietary Employee Development Programs and the outreach of our internal recruiters, GMS maintains an active pool of available skilled labor. We simultaneously source, vet and onboard hundreds of new recruits annually, for deployment into multiple industries throughout the world.

  2. Contract Mining
    In addition to providing an experienced labor force, GMS can handle every aspect of production mining operations, whether surface or undergound, including materials handling, equipment maintenance, mine design, drilling, blasting, cutting/excavating, scheduling and budgeting.

  3. Specialized Mining Services
    GMS offers leading edge underground and surface technical services. We are experienced and proficient in many areas, including: Ground Control, Ventilation, Belt Terminal Services, Concrete, Slope/Drift Excavation, Shaft Work, Blasting, Longwall Services, and Surface Construction. Each of these technical service disciplines has its own dedicated managers and labor teams providing rapid response and effective resolution to our customers most critical and technically demanding applications.

  4. Pioneer Conveyor
    Our affiliate company, Pioneer Conveyor is a leading, bulk material, conveyor manufacturer with complete engineering, machining, and fabrication capabilities to design and manufacture even the most complicated conveyor systems.

  5. Engineering Services
    Our technical sales reps work closely with you, and with our engineers and fabrication experts, to create the most appropriate customized solutions for your specific situation. We utilize state-of-the-art software and manufacturing equipment to minimize lead time and maximize efficiency, while operating three strategically-located fabrication facilities to simplify production and transportation logistics.

  6. Fabrication
    Utilizing modeling and design software that is compatible with our customers, we provide seamless communication and quick turn solutions to meet any demand. Our Engineering department, in collaboration with our Fabrication team can custom design, engineer and manufacture everything from obscure replacement parts to large scale capital projects.



Safety is the foundation of everything we do!


Our staff includes Safety Supervisors and Safety Foremen providing training, compliance and safety oversite at customer locations throughout the world. We have vigorous training, certification, continuous education, and drug enforcement protocols in place to ensure compliance of our entire workforce.

The GMS Six Pillars of Service

Sustainability Statement


GMS Mine Repair & Maintenance works to create sustainable products and services to support the mining processes. Our services aim to provide innovative and safe solutions to contribute to responsible mining activities. All stakeholder relationships are built on a foundation of moral, ethical, and environmental integrity. This commitment shapes our interactions with all Mining Companies, Partners, Vendors, Employees, and the communities where we work. 

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