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OUR PRODUCTS / Fabrication & Distribution

Omega Block products are composed of non-toxic incombustible materials whose air permeability and relative fire-resistance characteristics are unequaled. Fully approved for constructing underground ventilation devices by MSHA, Omega Blocks reduce labor because they cover the area of 3 normal concrete blocks. Omega Blocks are easy to use because they can be accurately cut to size with a handsaw. A typical brattice stopping is dry stacked using alternating courses and then sealed with an approved sealant about the roof, rib and seams.

Omega Block



Product Specifications

  • Approved for use with any MSHA approved underground mine sealant

  • Impermeable to air and will not support combustion

  • Fire Resistant: Meets temperature transmission requirements of U.B.C. Standard No.7-1 and passed the 2 hour fire test for ASTM E-119 Test

  • Passed the ASTM E-72 Test

  • R value = 2.15 for 3” of thickness

Product Dimensions

  • Omega 443: 4 ft. x 4 ft. x 32 inches with molded forklift tine pockets

  • 6” Omega 384: 6” x 16” x 24”. Weighing 35 lbs. each

  • 8” Omega 384: 8” x 16” x 24”. Weighing 45 lbs. each

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