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Air Movement/Fume Removal Products

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VentaTex® & VentaLene® Series Fabrics


Conventional Weft-Insertion Knitted Scrim

VentaTex® and VentaLene® fabrics incorporate synthetic scrims that are produced by overstitching a non-woven web. This produces a scrim with a unique geometric pattern. The substrate is laminated using PVC films, resulting in a strong, low-maintenance, fire-resistant fabric excellent for brattice and flexible ducting applications.


RipStop Weft-Insertion Knitted Scrim
VentaTex® and VentaLene® fabrics with RipStop feature heavier yarns staggered sequentially in either a uni-directional or bi-directional pattern. The result is a fabric that prevents a small snag from developing into a major tear. Mine fabrics comply with all applicable United States Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) regulations and policies. Extensive laboratory testing gives you peace of mind that your product will perform at specific, documented rating strengths.





Manufacturing variables.

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