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Filament-Wound Fiberglass Tubing


The strength of RigiDuct® is derived from filament-wound fiberglass rovings reinforced with polyester fibers for added durability and resiliency. RigiDuct has greater strength than  non-filament wound fiberglass or PVC duct; yet, the tubing is as light as other plasticmade ducting and much lighter than comparable metal ducting.


A unique feature of ABC Industries’ RigiDuct is the WireGuard reinforcement. During the manufacturing process, a web of steel wire is constructed within the fiberglass rovings to increase the tubing’s strength under high degrees of negative pressure. The wire provides a lightweight, economical solution for strengthening the ducting while providing superior impact resistance.


Tough polyester resins, coupled with the inherent resiliency of fiberglass and polyester fibers, make RigiDuct highly resistant to attack from acidic or alkaline conditions. UV stabilized; rubberized elastic gaskets* resist degrading and remain pliable in cold weather applications. RigiDuct is approved by the United States Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).







Tube Fittings

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